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Tagin Technology is a consumer internet startup with interests in travel, ecommerce, haptics, media technologies, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles and more. We are a small team of technology lovers who are passionate about our work.

Our mission is to "Make products and services easily accessible and affordable to people

What do we do? 

Our ecommerce product offers omni channel opportunity to sellers. 

B2B solution allows sellers to attach their business credit to their sales. 

We provide fashion & lifestyle trend data science from 87 countries. 

Our media technology allows people to virtually shop from inside store. It also allows to create own professional videos without any cost. 

The AR/VR solutions allows people to virtually tour places. It also alows people to try products on themselves or at their home. 

Our audio based news app is ranked 7th in the world and allows people to listen to news while driving/travelling. 

Our Haptics technoloy allows people to feel product without touching and without any haptics gloves. 

Our vehicle solutions converts vehicles to autonomous, electric and custom designed vehicles. 

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